Software Picks

  • AnyList Grocery List
    Create and share synced grocery shopping lists on your iPhone.
  • Bartender
    Organize your Menu Bar Apps such as hide the non-essential ones in a secondary bar.
  • Byword
    super classy distraction-free MultiMarkdown or Rich-Text text editor.
  • CloudyTabs
    CloudyTabs is a simple menu bar application that lists your iCloud Tabs.
  • CoBook
    The Smart Address Book
  • Coda 2
    The tastiest looking development IDE for Mac (Editor, Terminal, CSS, Files/FTP, Clips, SCM, Validation)
  • CodeKit
    tool set to help build websites faster and better (compile everything, live browser reloads, combine & minify, optimize images, JSHint & JSLint)
  • Dash
    A nifty document viewer with a customisable collection of official programming docsets as well as community built cheat sheets.
  • Delibar
    Delicious & Pinboard client for Mac
  • Dropzone 2.0
    makes it faster and easier to get things done on your mac with Circles you can drop things on and have them actioned automatically.
  • f.lux
    Better lighting…for your computer
  • Hazel
    Automated Organization for your Mac
  • iStat Menus
    The most advanced Mac OS X system monitor
  • iTerm 2
    Mac OS Terminal replacement. Has a super cool Visor feature!
  • KeyCue
    Keyboard shortcuts on Cue
  • LaunchBar
    Launch not just apps, but 149 other types of things quickly from your keyboard.
    manage your websites locally
  • Marked 2
    flexible Markdown previewer and readability evaluator for your favorite editor.
  • Mountain Growl
    Push Growl notifications to Mountain Lion’s Notification Center
  • NVALT 2.1
    a fork of the original Notational Velocity with some additional features and interface modifications, including MultiMarkdown functionality.
  • OfficeTime
    Easy time and expense keeping for the Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad
  • Omnifocus
    the quintessential GTDĀ® Task Management system.
  • OmniPlan
    Project Management app that helps you visualize, maintain, and simplify your projects. Compatibile with MS Project files.
  • Pinner for Pinboard
    The pinboard app winner for me: rich feature set, fast clean design, built-in distraction-free reading and first to land an Apple Watch app!
  • Pushpin for Pinboard
    one of the finest Pinboard clients for iOS. I still keep it around for it’s ability to bulk rename tags.
  • QuickCursor
    Your text editor anywhere. Brings your favourite text editor to any app with a global keyboard shortcut.
  • Sequel Pro
    MySQL database management for Max OS X
  • SourceTree
    a FREE Mac client for Git, Mercurial and SVN version control systems.
  • Sublime Text
    a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.
  • Tags
    allows you to manage your files, email, photos, bookmarks in a way far superior to folders. Work faster, and be more efficient.
  • TaskPaper
    Smart Paper enhanced Simple to-do list
  • teleport
    let’s you use a single mouse and keyboard to control several Macs.
  • TextExpander
    Type more with less effort! TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures.
  • TotalFinder
    brings tabs to your native Finder and more!
  • TotalSpaces
    brings back grid Spaces to OS X Lion and more!
  • Tree
    Horizontally expanding outliner for Mac.
  • VoodooPad
    personal wiki software to collect: notes, thoughts, ideas, images, lists, passwords, recipes, etc. ridiculously feature-rich.
  • xScope 4
    a powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting, and testing on-screen graphics and layouts.
  • XtraFinder
    As much as I’ve enjoyed TotalFinder, it’s been crashing on me an awful lot on multiple computers. This is practically a carbon copy, for free!