FWAP aims to provide a repository for our slight tongue-in-cheek, off-the-cuff apple support issues. These are mainly born out of requests from our clients, friends, and family or our own problem wrangling — after we’ve attended to our shelter, water and food needs of course! That’s right, we don’t want to relive some of these mundane happenstances any more than we have to (we’ve got more [insert favourite game or other leisure activity] to do.). Before you ask us how to do xyz, send your Aunt Peg over to FWAP first! Or should that be FWAP fwirst?


From time to time we’ll share some random Apple focused news/opinion pieces. By no means will you find an exhaustive catalog of up-to-date news. For that go visit one of our other favourite Apple News sites such as: 9to5Mac, iMore, and MacStories.


You’ll also stumble upon the occasional casual reviews of products, by way of our persnickety pursuit of the holy grail approach to a task at hand.  We’re not promising the exhaustive reviews you’ll find elsewhere. These will be more conversational, born out of a burning need to Proclaim To The World a Grand Feature That Has Been Bestowed Upon Us Mere Mortal Users (okay, maybe the occassional bitch and moan session about some serious inadequacies 🙁 ) Lest we not forget: Perfection is a journey…..not a destination.


Finally, (in case you hadn’t gathered yet) to inject a bit of humour and levity into an otherwise frustrating, or seemingly critical important day-to-day apple use conundrum. Let’s face it, there are far worse issues people are facing out there…..even in the first world! Say Hello! to white collar economic crisis.  And then there’s worse…..far, far worse.  We think plenty of other sites have that covered too. We’re all about the privileged, technology laden high-brow consternation we’d all rather be suffering from 😉

We hope you find something of use or amusement here. That’s all we ask — it’s not too much is it?

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