My Most Used Apple Watch apps 2017

I might go in more depth on some of these in future but here’s a quick rundown of the apps I find myself coming back to on my  Watch after a year and a half of use.

In no particular order:

  • ApplePay: More of a feature than an app but I revived an old ANZ account just to jump on this and have not brought out my wallet to pay for anything for over 6 months now! It continues to amaze merchants daily which tells me that although an Apple exec recently claimed Australia has the highest proportion of Apple customers using Apple Pay, it’s still infrequent enough to be a modern marvel. Other Australian banks will hopefully sort out their dispute with Apple soon. ING and Macquarie banks just joined last week.
  • Fantastical 2 for iPhone – Calendar and Reminders: this has hands down been the best calendar & reminders app for me and many others professing their love on the internet for years. The natural language entry of events is still the biggest time saver for me.
  • AutoSleep: One of several sleep trackers, but currently the ONLY one that auto turns on/off by detecting movement (or lack thereof).
  • Runkeeper: one of the first fitness tracking apps but I still really like it. I don’t even run but I use it for skating, biking and walking.
  • MySwimPro – Personal: this is a new entry for me since recently updating to Series 2, but it’s certainly novel to have an app that not only supports but tracks my use in the water!
  • HeartWatch: brilliant detailed stats on the automatically captured heart data. My GP was astounded.
  • Transit: best UX and UI I’ve experienced for public transit times and notifications. The GO feature alerts you when your bus is arriving, if you need to hurry to catch it, live updates your transit location every minute, notifies you when your stop is approaching…so you can distract yourself with filling up at Pokestops or other diversions 😉
  • Overcast: Podcast Player: In my opinion the best podcast app. Over the apple one it has really nice smart speed/voice boost features.
  • 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet: I can’t imagine living without this password manager and neither can anyone I’ve turned them on to. You can set favourites to always be available on your watch such as frequently used access codes, banking, etc
  • Just Press Record: This is the most direct app ‘push the big red button’ for recording I’ve seen, if you use the complication you can add start a recording directly from the watch face. The recordings get synced directly to iCloud and your iPhone or any of the other companion apps (iPad, Mac). Even better, it immediately uses Siri dictation to translate voice to text as best as it can (which is pretty darn good). Great for meetings, lectures, etc.
  • Drafts – Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere!: Drafts is just a brilliant scratchpad app on iOS, but with the Watch counterpart you can dictate notes and it converts it to text and saves as a new note. Back on the phone you can send it off literally anywhere.
    AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager: How my wife and I manage our shopping lists. The ability to quickly bring up and check off items while in shopping is pretty sauve 😉
     Pocket Weather Australia and Rain Parrot – BOM Radar and Rain Alerts: The first one is a regional pick for Australia as the general weather apps never seem to reference the Australian BOM (Bureau of Meteorology), also the Watch complication and app is also clear and informative. The second pick is for its hyperlocal notifications: “in 18min it will lightly rain turning to heavy rain in 24min” ridiculously accurate!
     PCalc Lite – The Best Free Calculator: I have the full version PCalc but even with the free you have a full blown calculator and tip & bill splitter on your watch!!
     Rewardle and Stocard: you can scan and ditch any store loyalty cards you might carry around. Rewardle has only recently added this feature but is a loyalty card in itself as well. I’m still on the fence on this one as I normally avoid having merchants track all my buying trends.
     My Water Balance: Hydration Daily Tracker & Alert: there’s others like the slickly animated WaterMinder® – Water Hydration Reminder & Tracker, but I like the faster input this has of other favourite beverages and preset quantities.

Of course I can’t leave out Task Management!

I personally favour:

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