That’s just fantastic…first Audion now Status Board!#$?

Another great Panic app sails off in to the sunset. This week they announced (in conjunction with a major iOS10 update to the app) that this was the end of the show for Status Board. And I mean show in the sense of you can custom put together you’re own dynamically updating show in the form of status panels of every conceivable kind and source, whether it’s just tracking your personal environmental stats, stocks, social media, news – whatever you can think to throw a script at it for; or in the case of the apparently only audience it gained traction with: small production and development teams that wanted a custom digital panels for their far more expensive external wall-mounted LCD displays.

I fell into the former mostly, with the light incorporation of uptime & traffic stats for a few websites I monitor, all within the comfort of my iPad when it’s not in use.

Now the sunsetting of this app I completely understand from a business perspective and it’s seemed quite the cleaning house time of year lately to cut the cruft (I’m immediately thinking of Apple ditching Airport WiFi hardware, displays and who knows what else from the list of products that haven’t seen a peep of activity in quite a while). Panic have just thrown new Touchbar-love at their flagship app Coda(Mac|iOS), and there’s also their winner of an FTP app Transmit(Mac|iPad) so they’re not going anywhere soon.

On a personal note it poked at an old wound when it came to Panic however. The day they pulled what was arguably the best audio player on the market 9 years ago, ultimately due to being steamrolled by iTunes. There’s a heck of a lot more to it though and I highly recommend the kick-ass read of co-founder Cabel Sasser’s from 2007 on how it all played out. Gawd I still remember fondly shifting through UI skins in the omnipresent mini-player view that occupied too much corner real estate of my screen, while a visualiser mesmerised and my cd collection got ripped to mp3’s in the background.1 All features that ended up in iTunes eventually of course, but like the Treo 650 when the iPhone came out, a cutting edge example of what was already possible.

Anyway, here’s hoping they consider open-sourcing Status Board to the small but fervent community that could keep it going. Not sure how that works these days in regards to selling on the App Store but it seems to work for VLC Media Player.

  1. Thanks for the visual Cabel! Not being able to fire up any PowerPC apps anymore :( 
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