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Hello! Guess what? We’re reading your changelog. That’s right, from top to bottom. There’s obviously much fun to be had in assuming nobody is reading though. Like a totally off the rails plunge into the ABCs. Then bringin’ it back with a shameless but humorous plea for 5 star ratings. Amount Plus is a fantastically thorough conversion app though. I don’t think I’ve seen another conversion app that has this depth of unit selection, coupled with the dead simplicity of scrolling through two side by side lists to dial in your comparison du jour.

What’s New in Version 1.2


So, here I am, writing in the changelog section what I changed from the previous version of Amount Plus, even if you probably won’t read this at all. Because let’s say that, who reads the changelogs? Anyway, let’s begin!

As a details maniac and a tireless perfectionist, I changed the user interface a bit, again, to provide a better user experience for you, so now some buttons are more understandable and it’s clear what the heck they do. Also, if you are using dark themes the search fields are now darker, because you know, dark themes are supposed to be, well, dark 😉

Animations are now smoother, and cooler, and better. Because I like animations, and so you do, right?

Now the interesting part: you can now change units when you’re in the compare screen. If you don’t know what the compare screen is, it’s the screen that appears when you select a starred shortcut or use the Notification Center. This will come in handy if you are converting more than a unit at once and want to easily swap the values. So now, you can convert units in a new way, which is cool since this app is a unit converter, after all.

Also, there are a lot of minor changes, like click sounds on the keyboard, a new copy and paste function, and some other fixes to bugs that you probably didn’t know about.

That’s it. Wow, that’s a lot of text, but again, you probably are not reading this, so I can continue writing some useless and senseless stuff. Blablabla, abracadabra alakazam! abcdefghijklnm… No wait, it’s lmno… Yeah, lmnopqrstuvwxyz! Finally, I completed the alphabet! So difficult man 😀 But… Wait a minute. If I change the order of the letter is technically still the alphabet, right? So, writing abijklceyzfgopqnturdxsvwhm is still the alphabet. Whoa! Mind. Blown. But it sound SO wrong. Better stick with abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. Yup, so much better.

Oh! You’re still here! Well, in this case let me thank you for your patience and support then! You deserve it!

If you like Amount Plus please feel free to leave a review on the App Store! They’re free and really useful for me and other users, and you will make me a happy person (but only if it’s a 5 star review, otherwise I’ll be really sad and you should never make a person sad).

And you can also contact me to let me know how much you like the app or just because you don’t have anything better to do right now (you can do it from inside the app, because the button works now :D)

See you, and have fun with the new version of Amount Plus!

Jason Shanks

Jason is a Musician, UX Designer/Web Developer, Apple Consultant, Mac Genius in a past life and all around Apple Freak for 25+ years now. His first reaction to himself when conceiving of starting FWAP was, "ON,NAAB!" Which was later revealed to mean Oh No, Not Another Apple Blog!