Tayasui Sketches+ 2 vs. Procreate

Last week I waxed poetically over Procreate (iPad|iPhone) – and it’s still my fav!

But Tayasui Sketches+ came out with a wonderful II.0 update today that definitely brings it’s game up to a qualifiable level for some pro work:

  • Airbrush
  • Chinese ink

  • Smudge

  • Cutter

  • Ruler! (Paper is the only other drawing app I’ve seen with this so far).

  • 64-bit engine that makes it noticeably more responsive

  • wet paint color blends that you would expect at the pro-level.


As a hobbyist though, I appreciate it’s less intimidating ‘skeuomorphic tool selection’ and Apple-like limitations to their tweakability.
I’m obviously no high-quality artist but I was playing around with the new ruler and Chinese ink, gel pen and pencil to rapidly create something maze like. The finer detail was the smallest I could get through zoom and ink size (there’s no option for higher size canvas dimensions).

Tayasui Sketches+ II new tools to create a maze like drawing

Tayasui Sketches+ II new tools to create a maze like drawing

In this quick and dirty attempt to replicate the same in Procreate you can see there’s no ruler tool so this was freehand (of course nothing stopping you from slapping a physical ruler on the screen!). However you can see I choose a ‘Retina’ size canvas and was able to zoom down to much greater detail. It doesn’t do any view optimisation at that zoom level though, so everything was extremely pixelated.

Procreate: quick attempt at a similar maze like drawing

Procreate: quick attempt at a similar maze like drawing


Tayasui Sketches II is a solid and long-overdue update (at least for a couple of the tools). If you’re at the beginner to hobbyist level such as myself, you’ll find a richly rewarding drawing app that’s not intimidating in any way. My 4.5 year old has a ball with it!

In the end, it’s nice that we’ve reached a level of being able to easily pass files back and forth between different apps and take advantage of the strengths of each. Strange omission that you can’t choose canvas resolution sizes though, hopefully that’s not too far off in the pipeline.

Jason Shanks

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