What’s New Notes of the Day: Crunchyroll

What’s New Notes of the Day: Crunchyroll

We’re on a roll here. The well of release note inspiration is rich this week.

Bug fixes are boring. Why not spice things up with a limerick says Crunchyroll, a very fine and much more recently updated contender to AnimeLab.

What’s New:


Today I release an update,
That’s sure to set bad bugs quite straight,
Not much to review,
There’s not a lot new,
But wow, the new app runs so great!

Changes in this version:
– Bug fixes

Jason Shanks

Jason is a Musician, UX Designer/Web Developer, Apple Consultant, Mac Genius in a past life and all around Apple Freak for 25+ years now. His first reaction to himself when conceiving of starting FWAP was, "ON,NAAB!" Which was later revealed to mean Oh No, Not Another Apple Blog!

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