Five Days to Inbox Zero: Day 3

Empty Inbox

Day 3: Process for 30 minutes

Day 3 touches on something we all fall prey to, solicited or not. Subscription lists! The moment you have to use your email somewhere new, you’re guaranteed to get on one mailing list at the very least. Then there are the ones you intentionally sign up for and find valid use from for a while but have you seriously asked yourself after clicking delete on them for the 20th time if you still get the same value. You can always sign up again if you miss it!

AirMail’s Unsubscribe Button

I’ve actually been pairing these down with great impudence lately, thanks especially to a handy Unsubscribe action in the new AirMail for iPhone (I’m currently Beta testing it on my iPad and oh is it good – but more on that another day). If you have an iPhone do yourself a favour and go grab this $5 app which is hands-down the finest and most thorough email experience on iOS I have used to date (and believe me I’ve tried every single one).

Then go to the Settings->Actions and click a checkmark for the Unsubscribe option. I’d even venture to say, click Edit and move it all the way near the top of your list!

It’s not bullet-proof but it’s at least a 75% solution. Some break the rules and use text on their links other than ‘Unsubscribe’ like ‘Opt-out’. Others still require a secondary confirmation; or worse, a micro-adjustment of each and every mailing list option they have for you before they grant your simple request.

But that’s a one-off action. Asian Efficiency’s Search All for the text Unsubscribe is easy and inspired advice. I just knocked off another half dozen subscription lists!

STATS: Inboxes=197 | Unread=58 | Flagged=2673

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