Apple is coming to the Blue Light Party!

What you say? Are black lights passé now? Is this another Star Wars lightsaber thing? No no. This is the diminishing of blue light from your mobile device displays at night time. The intent is to bring you better rest and therefore health by not artificially messing with your circadian rhythms. As it stands, staring at an unfiltered screen during the late hours is tricking your brain into feeling like it’s still daytime by the full-spectrum light it is being bombarded with.

We’ve wrote about this topic quite passionately back in November and it seems with Apple’s preview announcement this week of the upcoming iOS 9.3, they are finally coming to the Blue Light Party themselves!1

The adventurous have been able to do this on iOS for well over 4 years with f.lux but it’s understandable that the ability to affect a fundamental device setting system-wide would be reserved for OS level control. As innocuous as f.lux may be, it does have the ability to potentially affect battery levels or affect the correct display of other 3rd party apps that can’t access a common open library for the display.

I continue to use this on my computer and impose it on the rest of my family and friends when I can 😉 You can too for free (Mac|Win|Linux). Please make a donation if you can to support this developer’s years of work keeping it up to date.

I’m tremendously excited to see this functionality officially coming to iOS soon. As let’s face it, far more of us are looking at these devices late at night than a desktop or laptop these days.2

Funny…this brings a whole new layer to the phrase ‘Apple sherlocks yet another app’, in this case they pretty much sunsetted it!  Ba-doom-Chish 8)

  1. Or the reduction of blue light to be more accurate. 
  2. As I type away at this post after midnight myself, albeit in the Dark Mode of one of my favourite writing apps Ulysses for iPad 
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