I Wear my Apple Watch at night…so I can, so I can…

Track my sleep patterns!?

Anyone willing to step up and implement this?

Sleep Cycle, Sleep Time+ ,MotionX 24/7, Bueller, anyone?

For the first month or so I dutifully did the obligatory dance we’ve been guided to do:

  1. last task before bed: charge watch on the nightstand.
  2. first thing in morning: strap watch back on.
  3. blissfully use watch all day with medium use.

Then by pure accident I started to change my pattern.

Charging times & Change of Habits

Apple’s advertised Charge time for the Apple Watch is:

About 1.5 hours to 80%

About 2.5 hours to 100%

After a few accidentally forgetting to take my watch off at night instances, I realised I rarely had less than 20% battery left in the morning, if not more. So I would immediately:

  1. Slap it on the charger in a pre-coffee stupor.
  2. Put my iPhone in my PJ pocket—heck, I can’t miss tracking those 1000 steps around the house in the morning 😀
  3. An hour later when I needed to leave…voila, 100% baby!

Depending on your morning routine you might be able to do the same, if you plug it in as soon as you wake, charge it to full or near-full capacity within 1-1.5 hours. Good to go!

Jason Shanks

Jason is a Musician, UX Designer/Web Developer, Apple Consultant, Mac Genius in a past life and all around Apple Freak for 25+ years now. His first reaction to himself when conceiving of starting FWAP was, "ON,NAAB!" Which was later revealed to mean Oh No, Not Another Apple Blog!

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