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I thought this was profound at first but realised things work just as expected in Apple’s own Mail apps.

However, if you are like me and have been trying out the #1 alternative email client on the Mac App Store, Airmail, or heavily geeking out with the uber powerful MailMate, here’s a little workaround.

If you wish to share a Maps app link to a location via email — that will automatically open the location in Mac/iOS Maps for the receiver, then this is for you!

I’m not sure if this could be mitigated by better handling of the passed off link by these two clients, but it sure would be nice to simply have a Copy Link option in the Share menu (hint hint Apple).

In the meantime…

Assuming your have your Maps app open and have found your desired location:

  • click on the Pin
  • open the Share menu in the top right
  • select Messages (not Email which simply results in a plain text address name)


Apple Maps app — Share via Messages

Apple Maps app — Share via Messages


In the resultant dialogue, you will want to simply copy the url at the top of the message.

[Apologies to JK Shin. You are the new brunt of the Bill Gates stick however, just deal 😉 Hint: click to enlarge image.]




Finally, cancel that dialogue and paste your working URL into an email message in your client of choice.


You’re recipient should find they can now click on this on their Mac (10.9+) or iOS(6+) device and have it open in their Maps app ready to navigate to.


NOTE: this is completely unnecessary if you use either the Mac or iOS native Mail apps.


As always…Share and Enjoy!

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